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I've got the following XPath expression's working in firebug, that returns the correct element(s):

$x("(//input[@class='intervalInput timeInput'])")

returns two elements.

$x("(//input[@class='intervalInput timeInput'])[1]") 
$x("(//input[@class='intervalInput timeInput'])[2]")

Each of the above return the correct element.

However; when I run the following code:

var matchedElements = this._selenium.GetXpathCount("(//input[@class='intervalInput timeInput'])");

The matched elements is 0.

I have also tried:

var matchedElements = this._selenium.GetXpathCount("xpath=(//input[@class='intervalInput timeInput'])");

Any Help will be greatly appreciated.

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which language binding of Selenium are you using? – Tarun Jun 15 '11 at 13:39
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Have managed to resolve by using Selenium 2.0 as apposed to 1.0, apparently some issues with using XPATH 2.0 with Selenium 1.0 but seems to be working fine with 2.0.

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Did you try removing the parenthesis surrounding the xpath?

xpath="//input[@class='intervalInput timeInput']"
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