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I'm looking for a Selenium-like tool to test Flash-based web applications (specifically a guided interview with questions and form fields that the user navigates through to produce a document at the end). I would like to create automated scripts with set content to run through the tools for QA purposes.

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There is flex-ui-selenium and flash selenium; both extensions to existing selenium RC adding flash communication capabilities to it.

Another quiet interesting tool with which some people around me have gone much farther is RIAtest. Its similar to the unit testing framework for flex called flex-unit but is used for GUI automation.

and finally I have remotely heard of flex monkey (yet anoter gui automation tool)

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I've used all 3 with limited success. Flex Monkey was by far the best in my own opinion, although depending on the application that you're testing, you may need to also purchase a flash builder license. – Lyndon Vrooman Jun 22 '11 at 18:11

FlexMonkium is also an option. FlexMonkium: FlexMonkey Plugin for Selenium. It comes with a IDE in firefox for record and playback of Flash based sites. Prerequisite is you need to compile your flash application with the libraries provided for the objects to be recognised

Some links to check are

A good tutorial collection is available in

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