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My Firefox 5 is installed not at the default location. So, I tried with the following to create a FirefoxDriver:

private IWebDriver driver;

public void SetupTest()
    var ffBinary = new FirefoxBinary(@"D:\Program Files (x86)\Firefox 4\firefox.exe");
    var firefoxProfile = new FirefoxProfile(@"C:\Users\xyz\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\2z4r45zq.default");
    driver = new FirefoxDriver(ffBinary, firefoxProfile);

But the FirefoxBinary instantiation throws an exception, stating that: "The system cannot find the file specified". But my firefox.exe is there. Also, I added it to my PATH. I saw some suggestion to use webdriver.firefox.bin in java environment. Is there any equivalent in .NET environment?

BTW, I am using Win 7(64), Firefox 5, Selenium 2 .NET webdriver. Thanks

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which file it cannot find binary or profile? – frennky Aug 2 '11 at 14:53


public void SetupTest()

 FirefoxProfile SeleniumProf = new FirefoxProfile(@"C:\location of your custom profile");
 driver = new FirefoxDriver(SeleniumProf);

You don't need to declare the binary. It works for me and I'm using FireFox 9 on Windows 7

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