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What are the real benefits of using Selenium 2 instead of Selenium 1? I've read several posts related to new version but didn't get what are the advantages of Selenium 2.

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Please check related question in stack overflow Selenium 1 to Selenium 2 Migration. I would suggest you to evaulate pros/cons based on this analysis. – Siva Aug 9 '11 at 14:03

Well, the short answer is, you shouldn't. There basically only 2 reasons for moving to the newer version:

  1. The older version has some critical problems that you always have to solve with dirty hacks and workarounds. If the newer version is known to have these issues fixed, there's a reason to upgrade.
  2. The older version is not supported anymore. That's not applicable to Selenium, since it's toooo open source (read as - "noone cares if it doesn't work").

So, the best approach here is spending some efforts on checking what the newer version does and how it does it.

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