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I'm evaluating a number of test automation framworks to implement on a SAP project.

Right now I'm looking at

  • Fitnesse, which we believe we can write some fixtures for, to call SAP
  • Green Hat, which has the ability to interface with SAP
  • SAP Accelerator which uses HT test tool suite

Does anyone have experience they can convey in implementing an automated test suite on a SAP project or with any of the test tools I've mentioned above?

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Curious, since I have no experience with SAP. What is specific about SAP applications that it requires specific testing frameworks? Specific API to access? Specific business domain? Aren't generic frameworks like SoapUI, Fitnesse sufficient? – dzieciou Nov 23 '12 at 20:56
Can you add links to SAP Accelerator ? Does it stand for SAP BI Accelerator? What HT stands for? Can you expand it and/or add a link to it? – dzieciou Nov 24 '12 at 15:13

For web based applications

I think Selenium WebDriver should also be considered as testing tool for SAP application as most of the SAP applications are web based. This is one of the best open source web testing framework available and online support from WebDriver users is awesome.

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Nilesh - do you mean Selenium WebDriver? If so, could you please edit your answer to make this clear? – Kate Paulk Nov 8 '13 at 12:39

great tool for SAP could be Tosca test Suite, just a bit more expensive than others. Nothing what SAP guys can't bear. In advance there is a great Test data management and easiest automation I ever seen. When you reconsider the sustainability of automated tests in continuous development (scripts in other automated tools should be often repaired or rewritten, but this is not how Tosca works), Tosca is a good choice.

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