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I used to be able to launch all my Selenium2 WebDriver tests in Ruby on Rails via rake test:units. But recently, my test case(s) won't be found anymore. I dont get any notification or error message. Traced, the test just ends after Execute test:units

It still can be launched manually by calling rake test:unit TEST=test/unit/foo_bar or using ruby [path] to launch the file.

The test itself still works just fine, so I don't know why the automatic test doesn't start anymore. Maybe I violated some naming conventions? This is how everything is named:

  • File: foo_bar.rb
  • Class: FooBar
  • Method: test_foo_bar

Further I use some additional selfwritten requirements stored in test/unit/helpers. Might this be another source of problems?

Thank you.

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I've read properly or you really said unit test implemented with webdriver? – lorenzo.urbini May 28 '12 at 7:48
Which browser are you testing with, I had some problems when a remote FireFox node upgraded itself so each time Selenium started it had a dialog asking a "user" to check plugins updates. This blocked selenium running properly and caused all our tests to timeout. – Toby Jackson Mar 29 '13 at 19:14

If you use unit testing framework Test:units then yes it have naming conventions. You can read more from Test::Unit.

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