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I have gone through the possible duplicate question,it was related to selenium webdriver .

I am new to Selenium IDE tool. Could you please suggest me some best PDFs and sites with Selenium tutorials for beginners.

As the two questions mentioned here were related to webdriver and the answer overviews the selenium tool,

can anyone say the valid sources for learning selenium ide

Thanks in advance.

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Selenium Simplified

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Sorry I had not seen your answer – Theo Jan 20 '12 at 14:25
And a great advert by the author… – DuncN Jan 23 '12 at 14:04

I think you already seen official selenium documentation but it good place to start. Since you do not specified which Selenium tool you what to learn. For example Selenium IDE and Selenium with Web Driver is different tools and need different knowledge to use. While reading official documentation can help you to decide from which one begin learn.

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I found this book really help full

It takes you step by step from selenium IDE , selenium 1 and selenium 2 (webdriver)

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It's a pay site, but it has been great for me. All video tutorials with optional online classes, great forums, access to interview q&a, covers java basics also. Also, has a lot of try before you buy videos you can check out to decide if you like it.

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