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We use QC for test management tool in our project. Usually we write test cases & test steps in spreadsheets and load into QC using 'Export to QC' excel add-in. We have a set of test cases already present in QC and they need to be updated.

Is there a way I can export the test cases (along with test steps for each test case) from QC back to excel so that I can update them to load it back to QC??

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This is how I do it:

  1. Login to Quality Center.
  2. Click Test Lab/Test Plan/Wherever you keep your test cases.
  3. After creating the test set, configure the columns to display in the desired order.
  4. Right click within the Test Set list and select Export > All.
  5. Name the Export file and click save.

Exporting a test set is a lot easier than exporting from the test plan section, I've found. So if possible, consider bundling the tests, then exporting.

However if you really want to export from the Test Plan, click View > Test Grid. Then use a column to filter the displayed tests and export as explained above.

The third option is to export using SQL within Quality Center, but I've never explored that option too much as I've always had success with the first two methods.

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I have attempted your solution from both the Test Lab and the Test Plan and unfortunately it does not export the Test Steps is the OP had requested. This only exports one line for the Test with Test level details. – Harrison Jan 30 '14 at 21:50

there's a sample .vbs (but it was uploaded as .txt) in this forum ->

I haven't tried it myself though, but I do hope it helps you.

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small functionality with respect to end user requirement. Currently this tool is proving the functionality of exporting manual test cases(Bulk export) from Quality center to predefined excel file and download qtp result from QC to local drive

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Don't need to download anything below works fine:

Click Test Lab/Test Plan/Wherever you keep your test cases. After creating the test set, configure the columns to display in the desired order. Right click within the Test Set list and select Export > All. Name the Export file and click save.

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is there something we have missed here? we want to export test cases with the test step and description of every steps in the test cases. When i follow your advise, when i configure the column there is no option to select step name and step description. Thanks in advance – user8692 Sep 5 '14 at 10:11

Here's something I found on some other SQA forum while searching for the same functionality:

Qc to Excel Add-in for Excel

Just need to make sure of a couple of things for this to work:

  1. Extract this file into the path - Appdata>Microsoft>Addins

  2. Change the Macro security settings in Microsoft Excel so that macros can be enabled.

Happy testing :)

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Using SQL you can use the following to get you tests out of the DB

select * from 

 t.ts_test_id = d.ds_test_id

 order by 
 t.ts_test_id, d.ds_step_order
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Here is the utility to export test cases from HPQC/HP ALM

Do you want to export test cases with test case steps from HP ALM? HP ALM Test Case Export Utility provides simple solution to export your test cases into excel format. You can choose to export a particular test case or group of test cases under a test case folder or multiple test cases or multiple test case folders from ‘Test Plan’ module.

The exported excel sheet can be used for many purpose such as archiving, test case migration to another test management tool or another HP ALM instance, test case mass updates, offline test case review/update process.

Supported ALM versions : 11.00, 11.52, 12.xx Prerequisites : HP ALM client registration

Additional details:

Export test cases based on Test Plan folder structure Export test case(s) bases on specific folder path(s) Export test case(s) based on test case id(s) Choose the fields you want to export (standard or custom) Support ‘Call to Test’ functionality (test case within a test case) Save your export field mapping details No installation Local admin rights NOT required

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