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I am using Win 7 Ultimate edition and i have installed Load Runner 9.10. I have added an exception to the firewall in order to allow vUser Generator. The problem is whenever I try to record a script (by clicking on start recording ) IE8 in not launched and recorder shows 0 events recording. Here are few more details:

  • Performing load testing on : HP tours (inbuilt sample site)
  • Have I started the server for HP tours : Yes.
  • Program (browser used for recording) : IE.
  • Using default recording settings.

Your help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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Load Runner 9.10 does not support windows 7 and IE8(even LR 9.50 is not completely supported on Win 7). If Windows 7 is your primary platform then you need to upgrade to Load Runner 11 otherwise use Windows XP.
Here is a link if you need more details

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