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I am using Selenium 2/WebDriver for automation. I have a table and am trying to select a row in it. When the test runs, I can see the row become highlighted as if it is clicked, but then immediately I get the "org.openqa.selenium.StaleElementReferenceException: Element is no longer attached to the DOM" error and the test fails.

The code is the following:

public void rowSelection() throws Exception
    SeleniumHelper helper = new SeleniumHelper();
    action = new SeleniumActionHelper(driver);


    String testUrl = navigateToUrl("option/listOptions.xhtml");

    WebElement table = findElementById("tableSection:dataTableWrapped_data");
    List<WebElement> allRows = table.findElements(By.tagName("tr"));
    for (WebElement row : allRows)
            List<WebElement> cells = row.findElements(By.tagName("td"));
            for (WebElement cell : cells)
                WebElement listName = cell.findElement(By.xpath("./* [text()='body_build']"));

I have put a Thread.sleep(2000) in front and after the action, but neither has helped. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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This may help in handling such elements -… – Tarun Jul 26 '12 at 4:53

I think that your page (or part of it) is reloaded after performing

After reload there is also a table which seems to be same as that one from before reloading but it is not the same one. You can count rows/columns in the table and use iterators in your loops. You will need to repeat

WebElement table = findElementById("tableSection:dataTableWrapped_data");
List<WebElement> allRows = table.findElements(By.tagName("tr"));

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The last answer shown is perfectly correct...go for the above one by Asia Wawrzyczek – Bipin Tiwari Dec 24 '12 at 7:33

Any chance we could see the page you are trying to automate? I can think of one reason, which is that the way the table was developed is that there is javascript that when the element is interacted with rather than modifying the element instead it replaces it with a new element, in which case that element would no longer exist...

If you use something like firebug in firefox or IE developer tools to view the dom, does the element in question change when hovering over it? If the developer is in fact replacing the element instead of modifying it's class, that would be a very odd implementation and I would argue you should file a bug and have them change the way it's implemented.

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Unfortunately I cannot show the page we are working on for various reasons. The class is being modified and is not having the element replaced...that's why I'm sitting here scratching my head, this doesn't make sense to me since I can see the row become selected before the DOM error is given – squeemish Jul 13 '12 at 21:10
What does the javascript look like that alters the class? Selenium does try to act like a user and fires events such as onmouseover prior to performing a click. If mousing over the element causes it to look "selected" then it's possible that the stale element exception is happening after firing that event but prior to clicking. – Sam Woods Jul 13 '12 at 21:33

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