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I am trying to use SOAPUI to send to a REST API. Is there a way to use variables.

E.g if the post request has


"eventType": "check", "emailAddress": "email@emailtesting.com", "source": "mobile", "customerSegment": "gold", "custId": "1111111111" }

Can I use variables instead of "gold" ?

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Answered a similar question on Stackoverflow. You may find it useful. stackoverflow.com/questions/11647467/how-to-use-the-properrty/… –  Steve Miskiewicz Aug 19 '12 at 1:52

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SoapUI supports something called "properties" which are essentially the variables you asked for. After setting a property, whether manually or by a Groovy script, properties can be included in your individual test steps. SoapUI will expand a properties reference to whatever the property's value is. Property references look like this: ${property_name}.

Property: CustSegment = Gold
{ "eventType": "check", 
"emailAddress": "email@emailtesting.com", 
"source": "mobile", 
"customerSegment": "${CustSegment}", 
"custId": "1111111111" }
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Got an answer from the SoapUI forum

"depends where "do the variables belong" - you choose a scope eg. custId (i believe it is sth like customerID) in TestCase scope, if you need the custId visible in all teststeps

Lets have the example on TestCase scope - you go to Custom Properties tab in soapui (left bottom corner), create there a property (variable) you need = "custId" with value "1111". Then this variable is accessible in all testSteps:


"eventType": "check", "emailAddress": "email@emailtesting.com", "source": "mobile", "customerSegment": "gold", "custId": "${#TestCase#custId}" [-> will expand to 1111] }



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