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Say I have this function:

    def tearDown(self):
    """ clean up by closing the browser window """

I want to skip closing the browser if the test failed or errored out (so I can examine what was on the screen when the test last left off). Is this possible?

Let's say I don't even care if the browser closes, because I can do


I still need the "if test failed" logic to make that happen, so I won't have to dig through hundreds of screenshots to find the failed test.

I'm using nose as my test runner (

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As far as I can tell, your question is more about Nose than Selenium. You want errors and failures to do something that successes do not. I do not have any experience with Nose, but the documentation suggests that you could write your own ErrorClass plugin that will take a screenshot when the error/failure occurs.

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I can't believe it was this simple, but this seems to work!

def tearDown(self):
    """ clean up by closing the browser window """
    if not Exception:  # leave failed test windows open
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