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I have sucessfully run locator commands in Firefox, Chrome and IE but I have an issue with Opera 12.02.
This code is the source of the issue:

//entering values to a username field

I got the following error in console: Error on command:
service: "ecmascript" commandID: 2 format: 0status:tag: 32 payload: "\n%Unknown error while executing command"

I am newbie to Selenium Webdriver.

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You have also posted the same questions here:…. Not sure posting in multiple forums will help more. A few people answering here and a few there will segment the information for anyone looking for this. – Suchit Parikh Sep 20 '12 at 16:58

Looks like the last section on this page addresses a similar(?) problem as a known issue:

Also, it says the Opera 12.00+ is not yet officially supported by selenium OperaDriver

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