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I am currently starting to develop a web-application. This application should also upload a significant amount of data.

Does a tool exist, with which I can limit the upload and download speed for some applications or the whole computer?

(Ubuntu Linux or Windows 7, preferably both)

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Shunra has tools to simulate a variety of network impairments- bandwidth, latency or packet loss (and maybe more).

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On linux environments you can use the netem application which allows you to emulate a very wide range of networking circumstances.

You are able to control latency, packet loss, jitter, and limit bandwidth without needing to create new devices or configure applications any differently.

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Please check Aptimize Latency Simulator Tool. This can be used to simulate network latency (locally hosted, remotely hosted). The bandwidth would differ in both cases.

  1. Download tool from link
  2. Walkthrough video - link, This link seems removed adding link from my notes
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