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I am looking for a open source testing tool that can be used to test Flash based applications. I Googled and found "AutoTest Flash" but it seems to be in a dormant state. Has anybody used that tool or another similar tool?

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There are a few options, and which tool works for you depends on your specific circumstance, so heres a list of the ones I've seen used;

  • FlexMonkey - Provides an IDE recorder, test case exporting and can be integrated into CI tools such as Jenkins using its ANT tasks.
    • Pros: Creates FlexUnit test cases
    • Cons: Doesn't play well with custom components or very complex interfaces
  • Sikuli - Doesn't test Flash as such, but uses Image Recognition tech to recognise buttons/layout elements etc, and can control any application
    • Pros: Can interact on anything the user can see
    • Cons: Struggles with highly variable interfaces (dynamic backdrops, etc) and doesn't allow you to validate text very easily (ie you can't do things like; assertThat(page.getTitle(), is(equalTo("Some Expected Title")));
  • flash-selenium - An extension to the very popular Selenium test system
    • Pros : Lets you maintain a common work flow if you're using Flash within other html content
    • Cons : Requires building a Selenium version of the flash application
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+1 for Sikuli. it is easy to use and you are not limited by the underlying technology of the application. Can be used to test on almost any os/device if you have access to the UI(any kind of vnc or rdc)

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