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I am looking for an open-source functional testing automation tool that supports testing of Silverlight based applications.

To be more specific, the tool should be able to recognize objects within the Silverlight applications rather than simply moving in the (X,Y) space.

I have found a question that talks about testing Adobe Flash (or Flex) based applications, but I would like to ask for help in dealing with similar testing automation experience on Microsoft Silverlight.

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Take a look at the White APIs at

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Basically, you are suggesting to use the same VS create my tests. My only concern here is that this testing process have some similarities for white-box or maybe unit-testing for the Silverlight apps. I would appreciate if you can provide additional options to facilitate something like black-box testing. Also, I wonder if that is supported by VS Test Manager itself. – yazankhs Oct 29 '12 at 0:34
White is an automation framework that can be used to design and develop tests for rich clients (GUI automation). – Bj Rollison Oct 29 '12 at 15:41

Selenium also has support for silverlight apps. Please check post - Silvernium ~ Selenium for Silverlight Applications -

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