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I am using TestNG IRetryAnalyser and I am facing the following issues:

When I implement the listener and override the retry() method, Ì get the following error:

Listener com.socialtwist.taf.testnghelpers.RetryAnalyzer@1cc0a7f must be one of ITestListener, ISuiteListener, IReporter,  IAnnotationTransformer, IMethodInterceptor or IInvokedMethodListener
Usage: <main class> [options]

The following is the listener code:

public class RetryAnalyzer implements IRetryAnalyzer {
  private int count = 0; 
  private int maxCount = 3; 
  protected Logger log;
  private static Logger testbaseLog;

  static {    
    testbaseLog = Logger.getLogger("testbase.testng");

  public RetryAnalyzer()
    testbaseLog.trace( " ModeledRetryAnalyzer constructor " + this.getClass().getName() );

  public boolean retry(ITestResult result) { 
    testbaseLog.trace("running retry logic for  '" 
            + result.getName() 
            + "' on class " + this.getClass().getName()
            + " with status " + result.getStatus()+"Retrying "+count+"times" );
    if(count < maxCount) {                     
       return true; 
    return false; 

The following is my test class:

public class Testing {
  public void testMethod1() {
    System.out.println("in method1 " );

I am using TestNG 6.3.1.jar.

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Your listener lass is named RetryAnalyzer, and yet in your test class, you refer to Analyzer.class. What is the Analyzer class? –  user246 Nov 6 '12 at 15:57
its type mistake, its RetryAnalyzer.clss –  saikrishna Nov 7 '12 at 6:57
Can you try with the latest testNG version. –  Mrunal Gosar Feb 27 at 6:47

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