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The SE sites specifically are about building a repository of information and not about community building or discussion. For those of us who want to build community as well as information, what are good software QA sites with a more social bent (e.g., forums and social networking style sites)?

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SQAForums is the largest, and excellent:

Software Testing Club is excellent, too:

You'll find me hanging out at both. (Not sure if that will scare you away or not..)

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I thought I recognized you, Joe, from SQAForums... In any case, note below that I add my vote for SQAForums. A great place to hang and get good input and advice. – TristaanOgre May 12 '11 at 20:04
No Joe, it does not scare any of us :) – Tarun May 13 '11 at 8:00
What's That site seems to not load, with a messed up page header and no content on the page. – David Nov 13 '15 at 22:10

You might want to check out SQAForums. That's a pretty good community of testers there from all different skill levels as well as a few groups that are dedicated to specific tools. Another good site is Software Test Professionals in that they also sponsor conferences and other such things. Both are sites I've had much experience with and have been well satisfied with that experience.

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I know that SQAForums are good, but the site's design is terrible. I usually can't -find- answers there, or having hard time just browsing it for new discussions – Rsf May 13 '11 at 12:21
It's a matter of finding the right forum... there are different forums for different topics... and it's more of a conversational setup rather than a Q and A setup. StackExchange here is for the quick "Q&A" while SQA Forums is probably best for discussions and longer conversations about topics. – TristaanOgre May 13 '11 at 12:28

Software Testing Club is particularly good in my opinion. Rosie Sherry, Rob Lambert and others have done an impressive job of building the community, and encouraging thoughtful conversations and polite debates on the site.

In addition, in my opinion, the overall level of conversation is significantly higher than the vast majority of other online software testing communities (I'm thinking of LinkedIn Groups in particular here).

I would describe the overall tone of the site / participants in the community as:

  • Polite
  • Well informed
  • Thoughtful (e.g., people taking the time to read and understand other testers' points of views, not simply trying to "talk over them")
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I'd recommend the Software Testing Club:

They have active forums (actively moderated too to keep the spam/rubbish level down!), as well as publishing The Testing Planet, and sponsoring testing community activities - testing meetups, sponsoring an active member to attend a conference, etc. The management team are really committed to creating great community resources. I find the level of discussion there generally high.

I've been participating there for several years now and consider it home. :)

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Irrespective to the communities already mentioned in other answers I would recommend for providing:

  • Upcoming events (Webinaars/Conferences/Meets)
  • Discussions and Blogs
  • eBooks
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Disclaimer: I'm very bias (Director of Community at Applause) but this question is just too spot on to pass on answering.

In December we relaunched to become the, "LinkedIn of Testing". In doing so we've created a professional community of 200k+ software testers where members can learn, network, share and/or find paid projects, which sounds like it aligns with what you're looking for

Best, Matt

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I will recommend

This site has lot of information on current QA & testing issues, a full forum to get answers to many of your problems and they also support in jobs for free.

I rate them 5/5 stars.

Thanks, Sandra

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If you have any affiliation with this site, you should mention it. If you don't, for an answer like this you should be saying so. – Kate Paulk Sep 29 '14 at 18:38
I am unable to find any such link. I think "full forum" is a bit of a stretch considering the activity I saw there. Also interesting is the tagline "world's largest QA & testing community", which could really use a citation... – corsiKa Sep 30 '14 at 21:46
That site doesn't seem to load. – David Nov 13 '15 at 22:11

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