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I am looking to a testing / continuous integration tool which can help me with the following:

1) Inside a Maven project, allow me to run a JUnit test case that, using some API, deploy an application on top of a container and wait then test with the same API that the application has been correctly deployed. For this I need to launch the container through a batch file or a shell file before the continuos integration tool executes the test.

  public void MyTest() throws Exception {
      AdminApi adminApi = AdminApiFactory.getApi("myprotocol://localhost:1947");
      Deployable deployable = Deployable.fromFile("target/myapp.jar");

Also, after the tests have been executed, I need to shut down the container by killing the process. The goal of such tests is to verify our assembly/packaging into jar correctness. (If one dependencies is missing in the myapp.jar, the deployment will fail )

2) Inside a .NET project, run all the .NET tests only after the the container has been launched and the application deployed. I have a client application that uses the service exposed by myapp.jar and I need to test the two in integration. I need a way to launch the container, deploy myapp and then execute these set of tests.

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Welcome to SQA, Edmondo1984. "Run a test of a .NET tests" -- can you explain what you mean by that? – user246 Dec 20 '12 at 14:33

You might start with Jenkins. It is free, open source, and popular, and it has a lot of extension points. You can use it to launch arbitrary shell or script files. A moment ago, I Googled for "Jenkins .NET" and found several articles about using Jenkins to install/run .NET applications.

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I have tried with Jenkins. I had the problem of running my container script before a specific maven goal and shutting down the container just after. I never managed to find a solution – Edmondo1984 Dec 20 '12 at 15:11

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