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I'm looking for toolset recommendations to automate testing of an Oracle Forms application, with the tests (ideally) to be driven from Cucumber.

I am aware of Oracle's OATS. Can its APIs be called directly from another Java application, so I can avoid the whole record and playback idiom, or should I be looking somewhere else?


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Really ... the sound of crickets ... no one automates against oracle forms using open source ??? – Bruce McLeod Feb 14 '13 at 0:41
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The Oracle Test Manager does not have an API, so tests cannot be automatically generated or created that way. OpenScript, however, is a Java program at heart; like Rational Functional Tester, it appears to consist of some interesting Java libraries and a plugin bundled into Eclipse. Therefore, it is very likely you can use any Java-based framework with the OpenScript libraries to broaden your test capabilities.

This is what I have learned from poking at OATS and talking to a representative from Oracle, as our company is just starting to use it.

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