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Has the robot framework support for IExplorer or only for Firefox and Chrome? (If yes, how to configure it?)


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Possible values for browser are all the values supported by Selenium and some aliases that are defined for convenience. The table below lists the aliases for most common supported browsers.

  • firefox FireFox
  • ff FireFox
  • ie Internet Explorer
  • internetexplorer Internet Explorer
  • safari Safari
  • googlechrome Google Chrome
  • opera Opera
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If you use Selenium2Library, which is much better than SeleniumLibrary so possible values for browser are as follows:

  • firefox | FireFox
  • ff | FireFox
  • internetexplorer | Internet Explorer
  • ie | Internet Explorer
  • googlechrome | Google Chrome
  • gc | Google Chrome
  • chrome | Google Chrome
  • opera | Opera
  • phantomjs | PhantomJS
  • htmlunit | HTMLUnit
  • htmlunitwithjs | HTMLUnit with Javascipt support
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