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I am writing TestNG code for the below scenario and do not know how to share browser session between two methods:
1. Creating a data driven testNG suite to login using 10 different usernames
I need to write two methods and both methods should share the same browser session. Any idea how to share browser session between two test methods using TestNG?

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I don't quite get why you would like to share browser session. UI test methods should be run in the own independent browser. In case you insist, you could use @BeforeClass of TestNG and have driver set up done in @BeforeClass method. Now both of your methods should be either in this class or class with extends the set up class. Confused? This might help -

public class TestCase {

  public void setup() {
    // Set up driver here

  public void tearDown() {
    // kill driver here


And you test class here -

public class MyHorribleClassWhichUsesSameBrowserForMultipleTests extends TestCase{

  public void method1() {
    // test code here

  public void method2() {
    // test code here

Here both test methods would be using same browser one after another.

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Is there not a parameter in @WebTest like "keepBrowserOpen" or "OpenNewSession" (bool) ? – R11G Oct 12 '13 at 17:04

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