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my company is currently developing an NearFieldCommunication(NFC) based application,what can be the test scenarios need to be checked for nfc based application ?how to test the applications which uses nfc ? what kind of tools need to be used for testing nfc based applications? for blackberry devices i used the following link

please share your suggestions,application checklist for nfc based application on nfc enabled devices,googling doesnt helped me

thanks in advance

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Will this be a desktop application or phone app? Clearly you'll have to use some kind of NFC reader which reads the data from the NFC tag. You'll have to then make sure that the data being read is the expected data and nothing else. –  Nitinkumar Chobhe Nov 4 at 10:54
Nitin, I agree with your last couple sentences, but I kind of feel that's a given. I think the OP is really asking about how to achieve those goals. Could you expand on specifics about how you'd go about doing that? –  corsiKa Nov 10 at 19:57

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