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Is there some open source code, available to upload test results into HP QC via their api, or will I need to write something myself?

Ideally via REST, so it can be done from non-windows machines.

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Not sure about open source code. But I tried something similar using QC OTA API with Excel. But to use this, your machine need to have QC Client installed and then take a reference to QC Object using OTA in Excel VBA Project.

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There is a QC plug-in available to do this job without much fuss. Please read section-3 here to know more. I hope this answers your question. This is certainly not open source though ;)

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As far as I am aware the add in can upload test cases, not results. – Bruce McLeod May 10 '13 at 3:58
I did not try this but I think if your excel sheet has got a result column then you just map it to the QC field and upload. – Saik0 May 10 '13 at 5:44

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