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Could you please tell me if there were any attempts to integrate Fitnesse and Selenium WebDriver? I'm looking for something like Selenesse (, but for WebDriver, not "old" Selenium.

Thanks, Racoon

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I used to use Fitnium when I was doing work with Fitnesse and WebDriver early on, I found it did not scale well for the types of tests I was doing but it may work for you.

I was testing a Login and Registration system, the pages used a lot of JSON and I had issues getting the timing right so the pages would load with the right drop downs or complete the personal profiles. The Registration system also was reused for a Profile/MySite system and I was hoping to reuse code here; though that did not work well. This was on a SharePoint site and was a few years ago. I found that just using WebDriver and C# code was more stable, especially when using the Page Object model.

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Could you elaborate more what tests it does not scale well for and why? – dzieciou May 29 '14 at 20:04

From the information you give above it looks like Xebium may be your answer.

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