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In my company we started to use Basecamp for managing the project (mainly assigning work to developers). But unfortunately Basecamp on it's own doesn't have sufficient tools to track the bugs (the bug reports look like fairy tales missing crucial information).

I myself favor ClearQuest for bug tracking as a compromise between easy to use and feature richness.

Options - I found

I looked around for what can be used (integrates) with basecamp and found following:

  1. Zappier
    • good as we already use guithub
  2. Basecamp Integrations
  3. Use a general issue tracker with 0 basecamp inter-operation (E.g. Bugzilla)
  4. Write our own using basecamp API (who has time for that?)

1 and 2 are generally 15-30 USD per month for the minimalistic account. I'd prefer something for free.

The question

Do you have any other recommendation? Do you have experience with tools mentioned in 1 and 2?

We are small team (less than 10 persons). 100 issues shall be enough.

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I've used Basecamp and Jira separately, and Zapier seems to integrate both of those.

They also have a free subscription here

Fairly straightforward information here: Integrate Basecamp with JIRA

If you find that your team is growing, or you need to integrate more issues you can always just subscribe to a higher tier.

+1 for Zapier

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Yes, Zapier has sthg for free. But JIRA is not for free, and if I understand well, you also need Greenhopper (which is an additional cost). – sumid Apr 24 '13 at 20:14

Aside from Basecamp integration you didn't really explain what you need from the issue tracker. So you can ignore my suggestion if you don't like it.

You can try asitrack. No Basecamp integration (at least for now), but it's a very nice issue tracker.

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