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Kindly let me know is there any option to call data from an Excel on selenium ide? and how its works. I have to call data from an excel (where data are stored) .Please let me know solution to this issue.

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This largely depends on the language that you're using. You will need to write code to retrieve and pass on that data. –  Lyndon Vrooman May 8 '13 at 16:18
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I don't think Selenium has this feature, and it wouldn't make sense anyway for many reasons.

On the other hand if you are using Java you can use Apache - POI to read in the data from excel in your unit test and then use that to do what you want to selenium testing suite. I just stumbled over this presentation a few minutes ago where someone does just that on slide 5.

For .NET here's how to read an excel file.

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Selenium IDE can not easily do data-driven testing.

There are add-ons which can help; for example Sel Blocks, or datadriven.js.

However, I recommend you export your tests to a testing framework such as JUnit; that will make much more functionality available to you - not only data-driven testing, but many other techniques to make your tests more robust than is possible using only Selenium IDE.

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