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I am looking for some good examples of pure Computer Science and Mathematics applications in software QA. The objective is to create a course for CS and Applied Math students with applications that can be used in both practical and theoretical QA.

Thank you!

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Statistics is often used explicitly or implicitly. Some examples:

  • Analyzing the validity of multiple performance tests results.

  • Choosing parameter values based on distribution, e.g. uniform vs. normal

  • Developing test techniques, e.g. a proof that randomness is as good as X wise testing under certain assumptions.

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I agree with both Rsf and jruberto statement, I think statistics and Big-O is used frequently, In addition here is some other topic that is used too i.e

  • Boundary Value and Equivalence Class Partitioning
  • Percentage of Covered Code
  • List item

For pure CS, I think this is a good example used on QA (All Pairs Testing)

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Big O notation comes to mind. Important to understand the scalability of a system, given the anticipated input.

Equivalence partitioning is also frequently used in test design.

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