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I have searched about automation testing and got idea what it is! but have not found any proper definition regarding AUTOMATION TESTING. Please help me

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Welcome to SQA. You wrote: "got idea what it is". Could you describe this idea? I have no idea what automation testing is, I only know what test automation is. – dzieciou May 30 '13 at 6:09
"Proper definitions" tend not to exist in SW world but depend on context. Did you mean (noun) Automation Testing or (transient verb) Automated Testing like the tag you used? – craastad May 30 '13 at 6:25

I assume you meant "Automated Testing" rather than "Automation Testing". Here's the definition I use in my daily activities:

Automated Testing

Testing which is performed, to a greater or lesser extent, by a computer, rather than manually.

It's part of a Glossary of Terms I have developed over the years that comes in handy when answering this sort of question.

I use a Glossary internally within my QA Team, and externally as well. It often helps when everyone on your team uses the same words for the same terms.

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