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I want to configure my Android Jenkins projects to run a Virtualbox AndroVM instance. I have the Virtualbox/Jenkins plugin but I don't see how to run the the VBox instance in the job, only have option to run the emulator. Is there a way to configure Jenkins to use the VirtualBox AndroidVM to instead of the Emulator?

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It doesn't look like the Android/Android Emulator plugin for Jenkins has that feature or something similar,

You could try using the Jenkins VirtualBox Plugin or VBoxTool get the instance running and set up your tests to execute from there

More info on how to configure the VirtualBox Plugin can be found in another question What is the correct way to configure the VirtualBox plugin on Jenkins?

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If you use Jenkins and VirtualBox, I suggest you to try GenyMotion Android Emulator.


  • Easy to install/use
  • Can use many sensors
  • Can integrate with Eclipse/Android Studio
  • There is a cool command line interface, where you can modify your test environment, for example sensors and battery level

A GenyMotion emulator is a VirtualBox virtual machine, so you can start/stop/suspend it like a VirtualBox machine.

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