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I am a manual tester with limited knowledge of how to code. How to approach the security testing of a web site. Are there any good tools or classes( preferably) for security testing?

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Welcome to SQA, userjain. You might start by searching this site for other questions about security testing. – user246 Jun 19 '13 at 20:03

I would start here:

Lots of good reading, tools, videos, etc.

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There are already a bunch of really good SO/SQA related pages; including tools.

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BurpSuite and Fiddler are two important tools for my security testing tasks. Definitely check them out.

As for the approach I have found it is good to find out if your organization is required to allow 3rd party audits and security scans. Make sure your security tests cover these cases first. Then move to the most sensitive areas. Usually anything to do with authentication, sessions, user authorization levels and money transactions are a good place to start. It may be controversial to say this but as far as security goes I feel that the low hanging fruit / obvious exploits are a good place to start. Most attackers will try those first as well.

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