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We have a CakePHP application and our WebDriver tests run fine on mac. We have moved a copy of the app and the tests to a windows machine so tests can also be developed there. This is so we are able to use the mouse moving features of webdriver, and is not instead of using selenium grid.

The whole application sits behind a login screen, so getting past it is essential.

The CakePHP runs fine on windows when being used manually.

WebDriver works well running on Windows with quick tests on other websites e.g. google.com, facebook.com

When running on Windows, against the CakePHP application Chrome and Firefox open and are able to fill in the login form and submit. The login is successful (with the right information) but cakePHP is not able to create a new session. PHP error 'Session object destruction failed'. The CakePHP application then redirects back to the login page.

Again, logging manually works fine without error, even if we use the browser instance created by the tests running. Is this a combination of our application and WebDriver or one of them individually?

The issues only occur when WebDriver is attempting to Login to the application.

Has anyone experienced anything like this?

Edit Changed Apache to PHP in title

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Any firefox or chrome browser webdriver spins up is a completely new/default browser profile. Did you have to do anything specific to get the site working? You could try pointing to your existing profile and see if it helps? stackoverflow.com/questions/6787095/… –  Sam Woods Jul 1 '13 at 17:36
Nothing funky needed in the browser. The app works from any fresh device/ browser. –  Jon Duffy Jul 1 '13 at 18:08
Is there an unsigned certificate that you need to create an exception for or anything like that? –  Sam Woods Jul 1 '13 at 20:32
@SamWoods No there is nothing like that either –  Jon Duffy Jul 2 '13 at 8:18

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