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I have integration type tests (not unit tests) which require different environments/configurations. In order to run them I have to create test settings files for each environment and sync the test settings with agent Attributes.

What I desire is a way to have run my tests in each environment concurrently with a single Test Settings file. Is there a way to do this with MSTest? I am working with VS2010/MSTest and Test Manager (I do not have Lab Management).

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As I understand it (I'm not that experienced with MSTest/Test Manager yet), without the Lab Management module the way to do this is to install SysInternals to each of your target environments as well as your master/controller environment, then use a batch file that runs the tests.

The basic setup is a batch file to run the tests - you can call MSTest from the command line in your batch file and specify the tests to be run as part of that. Command line options are available at

With SysInternals, you can do almost everything you'd do via command line to a remote system. There's more information at

It's a bit more involved than using the MS Lab Manager functionality, but it does work.

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Does this method you describe require anything more than the agent on the machines running the tests? – jJack Jul 27 '13 at 18:45

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