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In the past, at companies that didn't yet have a robust automated testing suite, I've used Test Run to manage manual test scripts for multiple users. It was a pretty handy tool, but the site now seems to be defunct - upgrading past the free trial is broken and nobody seems to be answering support questions. Before I go back to copy and paste with a spreadsheet, I thought I'd check to see if anybody here knows of a similar web-based tool that is actually maintained.

It doesn't necessarily have to have every feature that Test Run did, but the ability to write test scripts, assign them to different users, and create one-off test plans from existing tests are pretty key.

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There's a LONG listing at the Ministry of Testing including a number of free tools like TestLink (Look for "Test Management" about 1/3 of the way down the page). Another list (conveniently divided into free and commercial tools, but not as extensive) can be found at QTPBook.

I've used TestLink and it works well once configured although the user interface isn't always super-intuitive.

(Disclaimer - I have no affiliation with either of these sites. I just find the listings useful)

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Thanks - this is just the kind of list I was looking for. – Ryan Mitchell Jul 18 '13 at 16:45
I hope you can find something that meets your need and budget there. – Kate Paulk Jul 18 '13 at 19:08

One of the developers behind TestRail here. You might want to check out TestRail, our web-based test management tool. TestRail is available both as a SaaS and download edition and is used by many teams.

enter image description here

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There's an open source tool called TestLink you may wish to consider. (Follow the download link for their Sourceforge project).

There is an old copy of the manual here that is convenient for viewing all their features quickly. It includes test cases, keywords, test plans, suites, user administration and roles.

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You may want to consider I haven't used it beyond a trial, however it should be worth a look.

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I'd like to suggest a modern test case management tool that I have been involved with creating.

TestLodge has been completely designed based on user feedback and focuses on being productive, easy to use and will allow you to easily manage those test cases and execute your runs.

enter image description here

There is a free trial so you can see if it fits your needs before committing to pay and monthly plans start from as little as $14 a month for an unlimited amount of team members.

Hope this helps


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