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I am testing my web application using selenium webdriver. I write code using java.

I am having a problem - I am testing usercreate screen to save user details, but I get problem is some userid etc.. information is set in session value. Those values are available only enter details in login screen, but I go directly to usercreate screen with out login.

I am using usercreate url go to that page, so I didn't get the userids etc.. fields values. I try to pass session values using text file to hidden fields. I am unable to set to values to session.

Please help me to pass session values in web driver.

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It's kind of unclear what you are asking about here, if your application allows you to bypass the login page then do you need the session values for editing? If so, then why not use the login page to get the values? It's hard for outsiders to know how your application works and tell you how to get around it. –  MichaelF Jul 25 '13 at 12:03
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