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Now that Jmeter has a webdriver sampler, is there anything that regular selenium can do to test a UI, that Jmeter still can't?

For example, I use Selenium in Java to do things like getting html attributes of an element element.getAttribute("title");

and waiting for conditions up to a maximum time

Wait<WebDriver> customWait = new FluentWait<WebDriver>(driver)
           .withTimeout(15L, TimeUnit.SECONDS)
           .pollingEvery(1, TimeUnit.SECONDS)

switching between windows, and more.

I've seen some example code for the Webdriver sampler here: http://jmeter-plugins.org/wiki/WebDriverSampler/?utm_source=jpgc&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=WebDriverSampler

But it doesn't show how to accomplish tasks like the above - only how to send keys and click on elements.I can't find any documentation online regarding how to use the Webdriver sample to accomplish tasks like the above and others.

Is it possible to do these using Jmeter's webdriver sampler?

Besides these examples, what are other things you can do in Selenium, which Jmeter's webdriver sampler can't yet do?

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Imagine a jackhammer with a Phillips-head screwdriver welded onto the handle. You could, in theory, use this modified jackhammer for screwing things together, but you probably wouldn't want to.

JMeter is a tool for performance testing. Selenium is a tool for functional testing. I talk about the differences between the two kinds of testing here.

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Agree with @user246 JMeter is for load testing and recommended to use WebDriver in JMeter paralel with load tests for Ajax applications. But if you run WebDriver sampler in "Once Only Controller" you are fine. Here you can find article about JMeter WebDriver sampler.

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I'm not sure this is relevant to the original question. The article you linked talks about using Selenium with JMeter, not using JMeter instead of Selenium. –  Kate Paulk Sep 24 '13 at 11:43
@KatePaulk Pat Meeker, asked "Is it possible to do these using Jmeter's webdriver sampler?" and link is the answer to his question. –  Bob Meliev Sep 25 '13 at 6:04

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