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So my question is somewhat simple. I want to test 2 things

  • Error logging
  • Server error page

For the web platform it's somewhat easy to do using fiddler or Charles (I'm sure there are plenty other tools for that).

My question is if there is an easy way for me to do the same for mobile platforms. Is there something special I can do on emulators? If so which?

Thank you for the replies


Lyndon pointed me to a blog . To summarize the post it is this:

1.You will need Charles or Fiddler. Charles works pretty nicely on a mac (but costs money), Fiddler is free.
2. Devices under test have to be on same WiFi
3. On the mobile device specify the proxy server to be the machine with Charles or Fiddler

and voila you now have the same functionality.

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I would recommend staying with your web solution, and modifying for mobile. There are plenty of tutorials on how to capture mobile traffic through fiddler on the net.

Eric Lawrence wrote a blog post about how to do this last december.

Depending on your company, this may require additional effort dealing with infrastructure departments to ensure that you have a wifi network that you can connect to that will give access to any non-production servers that you may be trying to test.

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Awesome that would work. I will be trying it with Charles (which is same as Fiddler pretty much but works on Apple for those that want to do this on a mac – StanM Aug 14 '13 at 15:46

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