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I need to generate a report from the dashboard view of Quality Center to get all the blocking defects in my test sets. Meaning, I want to filter the list of defects that are linked to test instances marked with the status 'blocked.

Could you please help me in generating such custom report?

Thanks, Karim.

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What test tool are you using? – Dale Emery Aug 28 '13 at 23:43

To list out the defects and the corresponding test cases that blocked, its very easy to generate using Excel query feature in Quality center. The query has to join test instance, tests and link table to retrieve the details. The query looks like this

 WHERE     T.TS_TEST_ID = TC.TC_TEST_ID -- Condition joining TEST (testcases) and TESTCYCL (Test instances) table
       AND L.LN_ENTITY_TYPE = 'TESTCYCL' -- This condition makes sure that defects linked to test instaces only need to retrieved
       AND TC.TC_TESTCYCL_ID = L.LN_ENTITY_ID -- Condition to join LINK and TESTCYCL table

For more details and different SQL queries that help you play with information you want extract refer below blog link

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The above query worked but unable to fetch complete blocked count is 27 but it pull only 9 blocked TC . Could you please help me whether iam folowing the correct steps: 1. logged in QC 2. click on Dash Board 3. Click on Private/Publci 4. Create a xls doc 5. Located on Desktop 6. Click on Query builder & Pasted the above SQL Query 7. Run the Query 8. Able to xls report but only 9 are pulled – user15504 Dec 2 '15 at 13:38

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