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I'm testing a library that processes queries based on User-Agent. In my tests, I'd like to feed it as much strings as possible.

Where can I find a public collection of User-Agent strings?

I'm mainly interested in "real" strings, but a collection of specifically interesting strings could be of use (like examples that are likely to put stress on parsers). Plain newline-delimited list is OK.

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Remember that users can come to your site using any user agent string they choose - real or made up. Thus, you should consider testing using strings you create to intentionally "stess" your parser. Base those strings on your knowledge of your parser's design. –  Joe Strazzere Aug 29 '13 at 18:59
@JoeStrazzere Definitely, although besides that I need to concentrate on regression tests on "existing" browsers. Which is reason why I want to compile a list as big as possible –  Alois Mahdal Aug 29 '13 at 19:14

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I searched Google for "User-Agent strings" and found this and this and this. If you work for a company with a website, you might try asking them for a list.

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I found this site that offers a sample of user agents in csv format: http://user-agent-string.info/download

Actual download link: http://user-agent-string.info/rpc/get_data.php?uaslist=csv

The format is: "Type","Name","useragentstring"

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