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We are building an application, which is based on Qt 4.8 on Windows. I have been looking for an automation tool which is cross-platform and should be able to automate my application. I have read a few papers about Linux Desktop Testing Project (LDTP), so I am interested to know whether tool can be of any help to me?

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Welcome to SQA! Can you expand LDTP abbreviation and provide link to it and papers describing it? I guess this might be informative to people new to this topic. –  dzieciou Sep 4 '13 at 8:42

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I've successfully used QTestLib. It has all the basic functionality of a test automation framework and is designed for Qt applications.

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I've no real experience with QT on Windows or LDTP, but did a quick search and found that if I'm right that you mean Linux Desktop Testing Platform, it specifically mentions that it can be used to test QT on Windows XP SP3, albeit, with its windows version, named Cobra.

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It seems like there aren't many accessible resources on how to write tests using it! –  fatuhoku Sep 14 '13 at 12:47

You need to have QT version >= 4.8 for LDTP to recognize

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Could you add some more information about how well QT 4.8 and LDTP work together? As it stands, this answer doesn't actually answer the question in more than a very basic way. –  Kate Paulk Dec 2 at 12:15
I just finished not big automated test with LDTP for QT Application. It was not difficult - read a documentation of LDTP and do it. Documentation has a lot examples. –  RomKazanova Dec 9 at 9:15
For the Stack Exchange sites, we prefer to see answers that provide all the information necessary in the body of the answer, with links to reference supporting documentation. If you expand your answer to describe what you did and how it worked, with links to the documentation you used, it will become a really good answer to the original question. –  Kate Paulk Dec 9 at 12:03

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