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My company has an SDK for the Android platform.

The SDK sends information to our servers.

I need to be able to intercept, interpret, and analyze what the SDK is sending to these servers in terms of HEADERs and BODY content of requests (and event responses).

I've tried using MockWebServer but am having a difficult time getting it to work as Android JUnit tests.

I've asked a question about this on StackOverflow but haven't received an answer so I'm trying this site as well.

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Welcome to SQA, FilmiHero. Do you want to figure out how to get MockWebServer to work with Android JUnit tests, or do you want to explore alternatives to using MockWebServer? – user246 Sep 21 '13 at 14:24
Either would be fine. I've gotten MockWebServer to work with Android JUnit tests but I can't seem to get more than on RecordRequest initialized when I call MockWebServer.takeRequest(). My SO question has more details. Thanks! – FilmiHero Sep 23 '13 at 15:22

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