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I am trying to execute data driven testing using selenium IDE.

I downloaded all the three extensions that are told step by step and uploaded to selenium IDE core extensions in the same order as guided (C:\Selenium\extensions\goto_sel_ide.js, C:\Selenium\extensions\user-extensions.js.includeCommand4IDE, C:\Selenium\extentions\datadriven.js)

I restarted the IDE to make sure that it accepts the extension files. It was done successfully.

My first command in the IDE is

loadTestData | file:///C:\Selenium Test Cases\members.xml | |

When I am executing the test case I am getting error which is as follows:

[info] Executing: |loadTestData | file:///C:/Selenium Test Cases/members.xml | |
[error] Method is not present on Selenium interface: loadTestData
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