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We're planning to automate test synchronization between HP ALM QC and our TestNG test cases. We want to keep them synced in the following scenarios:

  • Test adding: When creating TestNG test, a test should be created in HP QC
  • Test execution: When executing TestNG test, a test instance with status should be created in HP QC
  • Refactoring: Name and directory of TestNG test should correspond to name and directory of test in HP QC. So when refactoring a Java class test (i.e., renaming class or moving between packages),

So we were thinking about different approaches, each having some tradeoff

  • Approach #1: Each time a dev creates a new test, calls maven plugin to add a test to HP QC and then add @QCTestId annotation with testId to the test class source code. Then it commits the class. Each time a dev updates a test name/package, it runs the plugin again to update test name/package in ALM.

  • Approach #2: Similar as 1st approach, but the plugin does not update the test class source code, but adds this information to some external file/DB. When a test name/package is changed, the test with the old name is removed by the plugin from HP QC, and added with a new name to HP QC.

Approach #1 looks a bit smelly to me, because maven plugin is manipulating existing source code. While approach #2 has a limitation that by deleting old test, we’re loosing also history of test execution from HP QC.

Any other idea?

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