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I need a help to know how can I can iterate a loop over a array which is in another function of the same class. I tried using the following similar code for automation in selenium and I get the following error.

class Test:
    def array_method1(self, product):
        self.product = product
        if product == "First":
           group1 = ['A','B','C']
        elif product == "Second":
           group2 = ['C','D','E']

     def iterate_product(self, product):
        self.product = product
        for test in self.array_method1(product):

I called the function as iterate_product('First') and I got the error as

TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable

Could someone help me on this.

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I found the problem why I was getting the error, it was due to the wrong parameters I was sending to the function in my program. – Ranadheer Dec 12 '13 at 16:49
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Your code array_method1 above does not return anything hence it returns None so you can not iterate through it with the line:

for test in self.array_method1(product):

array_method1 needs to return like:

    self.product = product
    if product == "First":
       result = ['A','B','C']
    elif product == "Second":
       result = ['C','D','E']
       result = []
    return result
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