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I am using Load UI to test a web service, and I am able to use Load UI at a very basic level. I want to change the request and want to make it multi-threaded, but I am not getting any proper documentation.

Can somebody help me on this?

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Just a comment on LoadUI. I once wanted to use it for some "serious" load testing in a project. I never used LoadUI before. After a few weeks of practicing and learning I came to the conclusion that it was not ready for serious work. The API was not documented well, it was buggy, the support tried to help but couldn't really. It was LoadUI version 1.5.x, I don't know if it is any better now. I moved to JMeter, which was also difficult to start with, but with JMeter I could fulfill all of my requirements. It was a big difference. Maybe you want to have a look at JMeter, too. –  prockel Jan 22 at 13:08

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