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I have written quite a few Ruby programs for my clients test automation project.But the problem is my client wants to check the output to his PC without instilling ruby.He is asking me to make one web application where he can select functionality from drop down and run the automation by clicking run button.And after completion the test it will auto generate a test result.Is there any possible way to do so?

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Would recommend a CI like environment. You could setup the scripts to run either on a per job basis, or allow the job to accept a parameter that your client specifies to run the script he wants to run. The output will be displayed in the CI console, so he can check it on his own. Ruby and the scripts would only have to be installed on the CI server.

Check out Jenkins or Travis, or google-fu.

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Thoughtworks Go is a product that does exactly what you are after, and is commonly used in Continuous Delivery environments. The community version is free and might meet your needs.

(I have no affiliation with ThoughtWorks).

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