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Using WebDriver and JUnit 4.11. I'm attempting to find an alert and assert the body of the alert paragraph.

My code is:

public void dNameField(){

    WebElement nameField = chrome.findElementByCssSelector("input.t-textInput-A[name='name']");

    List<WebElement> elements;
    elements = chrome.findElements(By.className("logMessage.error"));

    Set<String> foundAlerts = new HashSet<String>();

    for(WebElement e : elements){

    Assert.assertTrue("This should be an error message", foundAlerts.contains("An error has occurred : Value must be a Number."));

I receive a java.lang.AssertionError: in the stacktrace.

In the DOM before an alert is thrown this is this class which holds all the error logs that are produced in the session. <ul class="logContainer t-logs-A">

Once I have managed to simulate an alert by clearing all data from a particular field, the alert is thrown in this class

<ul class="logContainer t-logs-A">
<li class="logMessage error" id="l1392048208775" style="display: none;">
<p class="closeBtn"></p>
<p>An error has occurred : Value must be a Number.</p>

The id is dynamically created so when I attempt to 'copy xpath' I'm supplied with //*[@id="l1392048208775"]/p which is no good.

The alerts that are thrown all remain in the DOM as I can visibly see them, although they are hidden as they fade out from the UI after a couple of seconds.

Any suggestions on how to go about this, please?

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Have you tried changing your CSS selector to .logMessage.error? – user246 Feb 11 '14 at 0:44
Hi @user246 I tried placing a dot before the CSS selector and that did nothing, as I suspected it would. But thanks anyway. – Django_Tester Feb 12 '14 at 9:00

Why not use the selenium Alert switchto method and gettext?

Alert alert = driver.switchTo().alert(); 
String text = alert.getText(); 
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