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I have a program that uses a heuristic approach to sort elements into several buckets.

I have another program that does the same thing but computes exactly where each element should go.

When I compare the two results I see that some elements are in the right place and some are not. If I were to estimate the quality of the heuristic approach, how would I do it ?

Should I just divide the number of correctly placed elements using the heuristic approach with the total number of elements or is there a better way?? How would you do it?

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This sounds like an interview question or a test question. –  user246 Feb 13 at 3:27
@user246 - agreed - I'd like to see some more context around this before attempting to provide an answer. Is this something the OP is evaluating as a workplace solution, for instance? –  Kate Paulk Feb 14 at 13:17
Well, it depends on the customer requirements. How accurate is the heuristic expected to be? 100% accurate? Or is it OK for it to be 80% accurate as long as it's fast? –  vincebowdren Jul 25 at 12:07

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It's not any different than grading a test. If you know the max "score" for each bucket then you should be able to find your "grade" when you compare to actual "score".

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