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I am trying to implement code coverage/test coverage analysis in my QA/Development environment and I am stuck trying to figure out if OpenCover fits our needs. Our development team works with Visual Studio 2012 and .Net 4.0 while the QA team uses external tools such as SmartBear SoapUI and HP QuickTest Professional.

From what I am gathering, OpenCover (as well as almost all of the other coverage metrics gathering tools) expect to be driven by internal unit tests. Is it possible to bypass this with OpenCover and have it sit and monitor the code being accessed by the functional tests to drive the metrics?

Ultimately, we would like to have the development team build a debug release (with any plugins required for coverage analysis) then hand it off to the QA team who will then run their tests to against this debug build to get some picture of how much coverage their testing is doing. The development team is doing separate unit tests that we do not want included in the metrics as this is to identify gaps in QA coverage.

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