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I have some tasks to do for reviews, but the program that I will reviewed was not mine..
It comes from external and nothing documentations of it..
I already run test on it and it delivered some bugs.

How can I make review for this program?
Can I have some template for it?

Best regards,


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First google Exploratory Testing. Some ideas for testing might be-

  • yours, and your customer's expectations and needs (what is the program used for)
  • similar programs (compare to other knowns)
  • relevant standards, or de-facto and industry standards (from national or international standard bodies e.g. ISO/IEEE/FDA etc. other sources might be known practices)

some more good ideas can be found in 37 Sources for Test Ideas

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+1. ok.. seeking on it now.. – Ahmad Azwar Anas Feb 27 '14 at 4:52

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